Tips For Buying Baby Shaker For Children’s Furniture

Children are the hope of the whole family, for the care of children is a compulsory course for every mother.Want to give children a good environment for growth, the selection of children’s furniture is important, many parents will choose the best children’s furniture for children.

Baby shaker as baby furniture is the most common. In the purchase of cribs, many parents have chosen the baby shaker, the main function of the baby shaker is to be able to promote the baby to sleep, so by the majority of parents and friends of all ages. But the purchase of baby shaker is also very exquisite, because the baby is more fragile, then how to buy a baby shaker?
Next staff member small editor will give you a detailed description of the baby shaker’s purchase tips, come to see it.

Tips For Buying Baby Shaker For Children's Furniture


When the mattress is positioned, it must be at least 25 cm away from the edge of the bed. The mattress should be tightly aligned with the bed frame to prevent the baby probe from entering.In the choice of mattress, the traditional cotton bedding is a good choice.

二.The size of the baby shaker

Baby shaker if too small, with a year or so to be eliminated, it seems a bit wasteful.But if it’s too big, it doesn’t give the baby a sense of security.

三.Sransfer card lock

The edge of the bed on both sides of the baby shaker usually has two high and low adjustment positions, these adjustment controls must have the ability to guard against the child’s fixed card lock function.Some baby shakers are designed with a one-sided adjustment control that reduces the chance of accidental release.

Tips For Buying Baby Shaker For Children's Furniture

四.Bed edge fence

Try to choose a cylindrical fence, the distance between the two fences can not be more than 6 cm, some mothers like the more complex pattern, more carving more baby shaker, such a bed is not safe enough for children.Because the bed bar or the bed raised carving sembaritus is easy to hook up the child’s clothing.

五.Roller and swing function Some baby shakers are fitted with small wheels that are free to push around. This small bed, it is necessary to note whether it has a brake device, there is a brake device bed is safe. There are small beds can shake, there is the role of a cradle, this bed must also pay attention to its parts of the connection is tight and reliable.

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