Children’s Furniture – How To Choose A Three-Story Children’s Bed

Now in our home, everyone is like very lively. Especially when children are more, need to buy children’s furniture, many families will choose three-story beds, so that we have more people, but also can have a better place.

In the choice, we are also very concerned.How to choose a three-story children’s bed? The following decoration of the house of the small editor on the article to introduce to everyone.

Children's Furniture - How To Choose A Three-Story Children's Bed

I. How to choose a three-story children’s bed

1. Safety principle shopping method: three-story children’s bed as children’s furniture, safety always to put first. Pick children’s furniture is time, many parents will choose the best children’s furniture, bed, avoid only the beautiful choice of more complex pattern bed, because the outstanding carving is likely to scratch the baby, hollow pattern also let naughty baby finger card chance increased a lot.Also to try to avoid the appearance of angle, the corner of the children’s bed must be arc edge, you can touch with your hand, choose the corner smooth to ensure the safety of the baby.

2. Health principles to buy methods: when it comes to children’s bed materials, nothing but wood, artificial plate, plastic, aluminum alloy and other common materials, but not all materials are healthy, of which natural lying wood is the best. Parents before buying, to ask clear bed materials, but also pay attention to paint, solid wood surface to paint water-based paint for the best.Paint can be distinguished by nasal smell, if the furniture with a strong irritating smell, indicating that the formaldehyde content is seriously exceeded, such furniture firmly can not move home.

3. Strong principle of the purchase method: children are always very lively, like to play in bed, so choose the bed of older children’s furniture, the firmness of the bed is an important aspect.Before you buy to determine whether the screws in the children’s bed are strong, but also pay attention to some small details, not only greedy for the beauty of the bed, but ignore the firmness.

4. The appropriate principle of the purchase method: the principle of appropriate there are two main aspects, one is the appropriate size, but the baby will consult.Children from the age of three years old have their own preferences and aesthetics, boys and girls also have different choices, so the color and style of children’s beds or to listen to the children’s views, children like the style is the most suitable.

Children's Furniture - How To Choose A Three-Story Children's Bed

5. Flat bed board: in the bed on the board need to find those flat bed plate, children’s bed surface needs hard, do not choose a soft bed to let the child sleep. This is detrimental to the growth of a child’s bones.The surface should be smooth: when choosing the bed, also pay attention to touch the surface of the bed is smooth and flat, otherwise, the edge of the bed will also let the child’s delicate skin hurt.

The above content is a small editor to introduce to everyone the three-tier bed and choice, so that after understanding, but also can choose the appropriate.

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