How Much Do You Know About Mixing Children’s Rooms?

The mixed children’s room is the bedroom, living room and game space of two children. It should add ingredients that are good for children to observe, think and play. In the decoration of children’s room, as well as the purchase of children’s furniture, we must pay attention to choose some creative and educational multi-functional products.

How Much Do You Know About Mixing Children's Rooms?

I. Brother and sister double children’s room design

1, flat children’s room

If you have a large apartment and a large room for children, then it is recommended that you have a flat design idea. Large size unique children’s furniture can be purchased. Flat-style, as the name suggests, is the design of two children’s beds. The flat design makes it easy for children to get on and off the bed, and there will be no competition. In soft clothing, the large area itself can be arranged with multiple colors, so that children can be placed in the world of fairy tales. If you are a brother and a brother, you can make a distinction in the color of the bedding. For example: boys use blue, girls use pink;

2, folding children’s room

Folding children’s room, the most prominent is the design of the foldable cot. In recent years, folding beds have been very popular and are simply tailored for the opening of the second child. At present, the small-sized houses in the market still account for the majority, and the folding bed has a great space to play in such a type. In terms of space saving and practicality, no one has lost the folding bed. The bed can usually be put away, and the children have a place to play and the whole family interacts. The material of the folding bed is recommended to use the best children’s furniture such as solid wood and metal.

3, double-decker children’s room

The two-layer design is the development and utilization of the upper space. Double-layered, suitable for families of different ages. Bunkers, brothers and sisters are more likely to cultivate feelings, and big ones can take care of small ones. For the sake of safety, parents are advised to climb ladders or stairs so that the child goes to the upper bunk more stable.

How Much Do You Know About Mixing Children's Rooms?

II.How to decorate two children’s rooms

The two children’s rooms must choose the bunk bed in the choice of bed, which can save space, and can prevent two children from falling out of bed when sleeping, but the bed is preferably wooden. Be environmentally friendly and durable. When decorating, the color of the wall should be rich in color, which gives people a sense of beauty, but it is also very harmonious. But also combine the preferences of the two children, otherwise the child may appear unwilling to go to the room to rest.

Brother and sister sharing children’s room decoration effect case
This mixed-use children’s room is very simple and comfortable. It is relatively safe on both sides of the wall. There is a large storage cabinet in the middle, which can accommodate two people’s daily necessities and snacks, which is convenient to take.

This children’s furniture is purchased and purchased. Separating the brother and sister double children’s room design can take a long time, the child can also be considered larger, if there is no room change planner, there are two baby can consider this design, the white space is like a child’s pure heart. It is suitable for children’s rooms with relatively large area, which solves the sleep problem of the two baby in the house. The drawer stairs have strong storage. Without too much decoration, I want to leave more room for children to play. It is also a design choice for children’s rooms with two children.