Introduction To The Lifting Desks In Children’s Furniture

The increasing demand for children’s furniture, when the family comes, the purchase of the best children’s furniture for the children’s student growth is very important.

Lifting desks and chairs as a kind of children’s furniture, is to children to learn essential furniture. Lifting desk sand structure is more complex, for students to clean the children’s room a bit of trouble, and because the lift table and chair can not arbitrarily adjust the height, must use the corresponding tools.

Lifting desks and chairs is also from the most primitive stone tables and chairs, step by step development, after a series of transformation and development, now the comfort of the students’ desks and chairs can be said to be very good. Are lift tables and chairs easy to rot? Lifting student desks and chairs material, mainly in steel wood combination production, tabletop wood, lying on top of writing reading will not be too cold too hard, lifting table legs of steel material, durable, long service life is very long.
Therefore, lifting desks and chairs is not easy to rot, and, this kind of lifting students desks and chairs, can be based on their own elevation for the height of the table and chair adjustment, effectively avoid because the desk is not coordinated leading to myopia and stooping hunchback, to ensure the health of students.

Introduction To The Lifting Desks In Children's Furniture

Lifting student desk is can adjust the height of the desk desk table, lifting student desk is designed through the table leg of the relevant firmware between the slide shaft slide, and fixed by screws, play a role in adjusting the height of the desk, such as this older children furniture to meet the requirements of schools and students, that lift table and chair how much width?

Look down next:
1. The overall specifications of the desk: 76cm long 60cm wide 40cm.
2. The overall specifications of the chair: 80cm long 37cm width 36cm.
3.Ctable: width 40cm x length 60cm x thickness 1.5cm.
4. Class chair surface: width 36cm x length 37cm x thickness 1.0cm. 5. chair back: width 38cm x length 15cm x thickness 1.0cm.

Before we understand how to raise the lift table and chair, we first we need to know that there are four ways to lift the table and chair, there are four kinds of screw lift, knob lift, card reed lift and mechanical lifting four, these four categories are the lifting table and chair for the common way of lifting.

  1. Screw lift

Screw lift can be said to be the most common way to lift desks and chairs, it is the use of high-strength screws through the lifting part of the round hole for lifting, this lifting method is relatively stable, but the lifting process is more complex, need two people to cooperate to complete, a person to carry out the height adjustment, a person to carry out screw adjustment.

2. Knob lift

Knob lift is a relatively convenient way to lift, using a special snap form, lifting only need to gently pull the buckle out, gently rotate can adjust the height of the upper part, after completion in the rotation release can be fixed.

3. Kaed elower lift

The way the reed lift is actually similar to the knob way, but it is more convenient than the knob, only a single press, you can adjust the height, automatic back-position design, very convenient.

Introduction To The Lifting Desks In Children's Furniture

4. Mechanical lift Mechanical lifting desk and chair cost on top of the other lifting desks and chairs to be higher, but very convenient to use, its biggest feature is that there is a rocker outside, in the lifting only need to gently turn the shake handle can complete the lift, this way of lifting with gear stogs, with the external handle for height adjustment.
Relatively simple, fast and convenient compared to this way of lifting and landing, so that the real anytime, anywhere height adjustment.

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