Children’s Learning Table Related Knowledge

Children’s learning table, is a table for children to learn, it is a unique children’s furniture, it is based on the best visual principles, ergonomics principles, environmental interference theory and other professional theory made, children’s learning table helps to protect the camel eye and efficient learning.

Children's Learning Table Related Knowledge

I.Functions of children’s learning tables

1, the height of the children’s study table can be freely adjusted, suitable for children of different ages to use.

2, the use of environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic.

3, children’s learning table can help children to ensure the best sitting position, can let the child no longer bow.

4, children’s learning table also set up a splint, greatly improve the children’s writing efficiency, as well as the aesthetics of writing.

II.Children’s learning table shopping tips

1, buy the best Children’s furniture, first look at the material of the table. Now the market is more common is the changzi pine learning table, its texture is straight, the material is soft. There are particle board material table, has a strong decorative, but can not be disassembled many times.
Density boards are also a good choice.This is a piece of older children furniture.

2, look at the safety of the table, now the market to learn the table style has a lot, such as foldable, adjust the high and low, and so on, the best choice of table foot is the arc design table, so the use of more safe.

3, to pay attention to the practical range of the table, to see if it can be adjusted, to choose the right table.

4, to pay attention to the function of the learning table, can correct the sitting position, bath room myopia.

Children's Learning Table Related Knowledge

III.Maintenance and cleaning of children’s learning tables

1, for wooden children’s learning table, before use, to tighten the connection fasteners, cleaning, to follow the texture with a soft cloth with a spray cleaner wipe.

2, children’s tables and chairs to avoid contact with sharp objects, to prevent scratches, in the stain, need to immediately wipe with a dry cloth.

3, children’s tables and chairs can not be directsunlight, can not withstand high temperature objects, if necessary, put a heat shield on it.
Children’s tables and chairs can be placed against the wall as far as possible to expand the children’s space for activities.

4, children’s tables and chairs to avoid heavy objects collision, to prevent damage, affecting the service life.

The above is to introduce the function of the children’s learning table, children’s learning table shopping skills and children’s learning table maintenance and cleaning. Hope is helpful when buying the best children’s furniture.