How Much Do You Know As a A Walk-walker As A Unique Children’s Furniture?

Buying unique children’s furniture is a necessary skill for every mother, the level of material improvement, the best demand for children’s furniture more and more popular, then, what is the best children’s furniture?

Walking car is the parents in order to learn to walk the baby’s children’s furniture, as soon as possible to learn to take the first step in life and buy the parenting products.

Many parents will use the walker to help their baby in order to make their baby better. When your baby is three to four months old, he usually likes to hold up his upper body with your elbows. When the baby is eight to nine months old, he will already use the upper limbs to drive the lower limbs crawl, a year old or so can crawl with the knee.

How Much Do You Know As a A Walk-walker As A Unique Children's Furniture?

Standing and walking often starts at nine months old, so when your baby is nine months old, you can take a walk-through bus. But parents should never force and train their baby to stand, which can cause unforeseen harm to the growth of the baby’s spine, pelvis and limbs. Also wait until the baby is about nine months old, parents can train him to ride in a walker. But don’t let your baby sit in the car in the same position for long.

Make sure your baby doesn’t sit in the car for more than 30min at a time, as this will affect the growth of skeletal muscles. There is no need to buy a walker, the current parents’ views are different, each has its own ideas. Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a pacing car, and then see if there is a need to buy a walker.The walker is used as baby furniture,it is as a unique children’s furniture, purchased should be subject to availability.

  The advantages and disadvantages of the walker

  1, the advantages of the walker

Walking car can help your baby learn to walk better, avoid the disadvantages of easy wrestling when your baby is learning to walk, is a more convenient walking tool for babies.And the walker can let the baby overcome the fear in the heart, so that the baby can boldly take steps, the heart will have more security, easy for the baby to walk successfully.

  2, walk-in defects

The baby in the nine-month stage, this time is the critical period of bone development, at this time the baby bone contains more glue, calcium is less, the bone is also in a relatively soft time.If the baby’s premature use of the walker, will hinder the development of the baby’s bones, the baby’s bones are not very good exercise, easy to cause the bending of the baby’s bones, not conducive to the growth and development of the baby’s leg type.

Summary: Comprehensive of the above points, the walker for the baby to learn to walk is very helpful, but there is no need to buy a walker.

How Much Do You Know As a A Walk-walker As A Unique Children's Furniture?

According to the baby’s growth, and then make the choice.
  1, affect the baby’s intellectual development

The baby is through contact, grasping, knocking, throwing and other learning to recognize objects, free exploration helps the child’s intelligent development, the walker restricts the child’s free activities and deprives the child of the opportunity to learn, thus affecting the child’s intellectual development.

2, to the baby bone deformity

Infants who use the walker for a long time will develop abnormally. The inside of the two knees protrudes, the two calves are withdrawn, and the ankles can’t be closed when the two knees are close, looking like an “X”.Some of the two calves bent outwards, two ankles closed when the position, knee joint can not be close and presented as “O”-shaped, that is, the so-called “ring leg.”

 3, the baby walking dependence

Long-term use of the walker easy to make the baby dependent, and in the four-sided pacied within the walk, the baby because the waist, crotch are protected without force and missed the crawl period before the age of 1 year, resulting in the emergence of “no waste” function weakened.

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