Children’s furniture – What Are The Types Of Baby Sleeping Bags?

Children are the hope of the whole family, children’s furniture purchase heat more and more like, in order to give children a healthy growth environment, the selection of children’s furniture is important, many parents will choose the best children’s furniture for children. What are the types of baby sleeping bags? It is believed that many moms know that babies sleep very unnerdy, kicking quilts is very common.

So with baby sleeping bags on the market, baby helps alleviate many of Bao Mom’s problems.

Children's furniture  - What Are The Types Of Baby Sleeping Bags?

1. Gourd type: the upper narrow down width, shaped like a gourd.
Can prevent the baby slip out of the sleeping bag or drill into the sleeping bag, the bottom round large, so that the baby’s legs can move freely, increase the baby’s comfort. Shaped like a gourd, the top narrow down width, generally for the bottom of the design.

Baby sleeping bag as baby furniture, can be seen as an envelope-style sleeping bag improvement, neck narrowing, can prevent the baby slip out of the sleeping bag or drill into the sleeping bag, the bottom round, so that the baby’s legs can move freely, increasing the baby’s shortcomings: due to the size of the change, the sleeping bag can not be opened as a quilt to use, reducing the efficiency of the use of the product.

2. Clothes style: shaped like clothes, with sleeves and hats, etc. Your baby is free to move when he or she sleeps and is not bound.

Now most clothes-style sleeping bags can adjust the length with the baby’s height, increasing the life of the sleeping bag. Shaped like clothes, with sleeves, hats, etc. The advantage of this sleeping bag is that it is like clothes for your baby to wear, do not worry about the baby’s sleep activities will affect the use of, prevent the baby from sleeping. Most of the current style with an extended bag, can adjust the length of the sleeping bag with the baby’s height, extending the use of the product. Disadvantages: The product is more expensive than other styles due to the relative complexity of the workmanship. Up and down the size of the general difference is not much, for the baby’s foot activities or are bound.And, due to the product accessories more, multiple zippers, buttons, etc. , need to prevent rubtothe to the child’s delicate skin or the child pulled down to eat.

Children's furniture  - What Are The Types Of Baby Sleeping Bags?

3. Vest type: like a vest. This style of sleeping bags are generally suitable for summer season, comfortable and cool.
The good thing is to kick! like a vest. Can be seen as a reduced version of the clothes-like sleeping bag, remove sleeves, hats, extended bags and other things.Generally suitable for summer and other seasons.

4. Envelope type: rectangular as envelope-like, equivalent to a small quilt fold, bottom, side zipper. Most of the design can be opened into a quilt dual-use type, can be used as a small, can also be folded after pulling zipper into a sleeping bag. The advantageof of this style is simple structure, generally using a double-headed zipper, the bottom can be opened, easy to replace diapers and so on. And because of the quilt sleeping bag dual-use type, enhance the practical function of the product. Disadvantages: Because the sleeping bag up and down the same size, resulting in the lower size is small, binding the baby’s legs activities, affecting the baby’s sleep, the baby also does not like to use. If the size is increased, the size of the top will be large, the baby easy to drill the whole person into the sleeping bag or slip out of the sleeping bag.Therefore, many of these styles come with a shoulder protection design, but only to prevent the baby from slipping out of the sleeping bag.

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