Children’s Desk As Unique Children’s Furniture Brand And Size Introduction

The demand of children’s furniture is bigger and bigger, people likes to buy unique children’s furniture, unique children’s furniture can decorate children room very well, let the child have a beautiful childhood memory.

Every parent wants to choose a best children’s furniture for his child, dimension size is appropriate desk, and the body of children is growing all the time development, dimensions of children desk is diversiform.
The sort of unique children’s furniture is very much, so do you know the relevant knowledge of desk in children’s furniture? Line face small make up to want everybody to introduce the brand of children desk to have what, and what does the dimension size of children shoe stage have? Hope you can help you when you buy children’s furniture again.

Children's Desk As Unique Children's Furniture Brand And Size Introduction

I. Children desk which brand is good

1.Hanfel crescent

Han feer crescent desk for children USES birch, pine, high-density medium fiber board and high-density melamine ammonium 4 kinds of material to make and become, the join body design of unique bookshelf and desk, already practical and convenient, make full use of children room space. The desk color of ivory white gives room of whole children a kind of elegant, quietly elegant feeling. Smooth lines and rounded edges and corners design, beautiful shape, firm and durable, parents can rest assured that the purchase to their babies, do not worry about safety.

2.Qingqing paradise

The color is modern and simple white paint dye, material selection of medium density d board, and high polyester low paint and finish. Modelling is easy and pure, give priority to with concise, pure and fresh, natural, clean on the design, distract attention not easily in the process that children learns, emphasize functional sex to design, wait for creativeness with curved surface, wave, flow, penetrate, make desk has aesthetic feeling more.

3.Qingqing baby

The color of children desk alternates with blue and white photograph, use high density 3 get together chloramine board and environmental protection paint to be raw material, build healthy, comfortable study atmosphere for the child. No matter be from modelling or colour and lustre go up, integral feeling is simple comfortable, it is fundamental key with straight line, without too much complex design, the harmony that pursues integral scale.

Children's Desk As Unique Children's Furniture Brand And Size Introduction

II.Children’s writing desk normal size

In general, children’s desk standard is length is between 1100-1200 – mm, width is about 550-600 – mm, height is 760 mm, the chair of a high standard for 400-440 – mm, the overall height less than 800 mm, so basically can meet the needs of 8 ~ 14 years old school-age children, of course this size for pre-school children or compare tall children is not applicable. Like this unique children’s furniture is for older children, it serves olderĀ childrenĀ furniture.

How much height of children desk is appropriate.The standard height for 6-year-old children is 110-2875px, and the appropriate height of the desk is 1150px. The standard height for children aged 10 is 130.5-3537.5px, and the appropriate height of the desk is 1325px. The standard height for children aged 12 is 146.5-3787.5px, and the appropriate height of the desk is 1375px. The standard height for a 14-year-old is 157.5-4062.5px, and a suitable desk height is 1575px.

The above is small make up to introduce children’s desk, I hope you can use in the purchase of unique children’s furniture, want to pay attention to more children’s furniture, please continue to pay attention to my other articles.