Buy The Best Children’s Furniture – What Should Wardrobes Pay Attention To?

The children’s room is the child’s exclusive space, but also the child’s first step towards independence. The choice of unique children’s furniture is very important, because the child’s grade is small, the resistance of the outside world is not strong enough, so we choose children’s room furniture in addition to aesthetics, quality can not be ignored.
Here’s how to teach you how to buy the best children’s furniture.

Buy The Best Children's Furniture - What Should Wardrobes Pay Attention To?

I. Key points for the design of wardrobes in children’s rooms

1, size: Children’s wardrobe size is not particularly standard, and the size of the children’s room, the height of the child. 10-year-old children’s clothing is not much, 800mm double-line door wardrobe can meet the demand, but in view of the children grow fast, such as space allows, you can try to make the children’s wardrobe bigger, or the size of the door wardrobe to enlarge, so that convenient storage.General children’s wardrobe sizes are: 1200 x 555 x 2100mm, 800 x 555 x 1970mm, 1160 x 605 x 2000mm, 1430 x 600 x 2010mm.

2, damper anti-clamping:Widely used wardrobe, drawer door dampers, so that the door slowly rebound, let the child react to the danger, will not be too strong, negligent finger clip.

3, environmental protection: The brighter the color of the children’s wardrobe, the higher the harmful substances contained. Long-term companionship with furniture increases the risk of treatment. Therefore, the color locked in white and logs, lead content is too high orange, yellow, green, brown and other less used, should not contain formaldehyde or harmful pigment harmless UV (ultraviolet) paint, to minimize harm to children.

4, rounded anti-collision injury Don’t look down on the rounded design of the furniture, it is very useful for keeping the children safe.Because the children are so active, accidentally will hit the corner of the cabinet, easy to cause injury. Fillet design reduces collision damage.

5, aluminum edge glue border cutting A lot of furniture will be aluminum edge to do decoration, but more sharp, small children skin delicate, is likely to be scratched, now the design of aluminum edge gradually reduced, more with the rubber edge.
The metal that supports the frame, with the sharp corners inwards, reduces the possibility of touching the children.

Buy The Best Children's Furniture - What Should Wardrobes Pay Attention To?

II. How to buy a wardrobe in a children’s room

1, visual color

First of all, children’s wardrobe selection should be the overall and the whole children’s room visual space harmonious, this is the basic law of furniture selection in the design and decoration of the house, children’s room design decoration color mostly using bright and colorful color system, wardrobe color selection according to the wall decoration other furniture color different to choose,

In the pattern pattern more because of the diversity of wall decoration bedding patterns and choose some monochrome block wardrobe to do a little balance, so that the children’s room is not because of cartoon animation pattern or color rich and appear messy.

2, design security

Children’s lively and active also need to consider the choice of wardrobe, the market children’s wardrobe according to different grades in the design of different degree of intention, taking into account the safety of the usual activities, choose wardrobe with corner after treatment grinding round more safe, in the space also fully take into account the nature of children, to avoid possible unsafe factors.

3, functional practicality

Children’s wardrobe collection practicality not only to take into account the capacity but also to take into account the convenience of children’s self-inflicted charge, children’s rapid growth and development coupled with seasonal replacement of the pursuit of fashion, children’s clothing is a recognized fact,

The amount of storage on the consideration of the wardrobe partition design or according to the type of clothing or seasonal storage area different and reasonable design, taking into account the convenience of the wardrobe, according to the children raisedifferent different stages of growth, in the wardrobe drawer set door panel compartment settings, all to carefully consider the usual commonly used clothing drawer or cubicle in the most accessible area of human learning.

4, material safety

Relative adult children’s physical fitness will be more fragile than adults in all aspects, wardrobe stoushei non-irritating natural environmental protection materials should be the first choice, especially on the market many children’s rooms bright and rich but not enough in the quality of materials, choose children’s room wardrobe scoating and combination methods need to pay more attention to avoid toxic paint,The combination is preferable in a hardware or physical combination rather than an adhesive combination.

The above is a small sign want to introduce you how to buy the best children’s furniture, children’s wardrobe in the purchase should pay attention to what, I hope the above content for you to buy unique children’s furniture to help.

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