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Children's furniture - how should children's desks be placed?

Children’s furniture – how should children’s desks be placed?

How to buy the best children’s furniture? How should children’s desks be placed? Which brand of children’s desk is good? Many users don’t know what kind of desk is better when they choose children’s desks, and they don’t know how to put them. The following small series will introduce the problem of which brand of children’s desk is good.

Children's furniture - how should children's desks be placed?

Firstly,Which brand of children’s desk is good?

Which brand of children’s desk is good? Many users don’t know what desk to choose when choosing a desk for their child. The following small series will bring a question of which brand of children’s desk is good. Users who don’t clear it can simply find out!

1, the general will

Founded in 1983 in Taiwan, Dafa is a best children’s furniture brand in China. It is a diversified enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, processing and export.

2, Cisco

Founded in 2005, Cisco is a well-known children’s furniture manufacturer in China. The company is headquartered in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It has been focusing on the development of life and school supplies, including study tables, posture chairs, eye protection lamps, bookcases. And other products, and achieved market recognition with stable quality.

3, child care

Interoperability is a well-known children’s products brand in China. Founded in 2008, the company’s headquarters is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It has been focusing on the development of learning products, covering the study table, desk, safety chair and other series, and is environmentally friendly. The material has been recognized by the market and has become the trusted choice of countless parents.

4, Kang Pu Le children’s desk

The Kang Pu Le children’s desk is also a brand from Taiwan. It is especially suitable for children in elementary and junior high school. The table can also be tilted by itself. The table is not only wearable but also beautiful. It is also very convenient to clean. What’s more, the COMF-PRO children’s desk is designed by human body to ensure that the child can sit in the correct posture while writing, and avoid the situation of the child’s hunchback. The cost of this desk chair is still very high.

5, Germany Moll (Moore) children’s desk

The German Moore family specializes in companies that produce children’s desks. In terms of function, this desk is equipped with a unique magnetic strip anti-skid board, which can prevent the book of the child from leaning or slipping when reading or working. The biggest feature of the Moore Children’s Desk is the large drawer, the multi-functional bracket, the table that can be flexibly expanded, the book, the stationery, the computer monitor, etc., a set of children’s tables and chairs, suitable for children. Age groups. More importantly, this desk can choose the color of your own, and you can choose from 10 colors.

Children's furniture - how should children's desks be placed?

Second, the desk is placed on the correct picture of Feng Shui

Where is the general placement of children’s furniture suitable? Many users don’t know where the desk is placed. The following small series brings the correct picture of the desk. Have a look at the users who need it!

1, the desk is in the middle of the room

Your child’s desk should not be placed in the middle of the room. Because this is the isolation and support of the Quartet, there is no dependence on the front and rear, the main academic and career are lonely, it is difficult to develop.

2, the desk and bookcase are placed correctly

The study bookcase is also placed in a beautiful manner. The position of the bookcase should be selected in the indoor fierce position, which can play a role in suppressing the suffocation. The bookcase is yin and the desk is yang, so the two positions cannot be placed too close to avoid Opposite yin and yang.

The above is how to put children’s furniture to be introduced. Children’s desks are very common furniture for children’s furniture. I hope that the above contents will help you purchase unique children’s furniture.

How Much Do You Know About Mixing Children’s Rooms?

The mixed children’s room is the bedroom, living room and game space of two children. It should add ingredients that are good for children to observe, think and play. In the decoration of children’s room, as well as the purchase of children’s furniture, we must pay attention to choose some creative and educational multi-functional products.

How Much Do You Know About Mixing Children's Rooms?

I. Brother and sister double children’s room design

1, flat children’s room

If you have a large apartment and a large room for children, then it is recommended that you have a flat design idea. Large size unique children’s furniture can be purchased. Flat-style, as the name suggests, is the design of two children’s beds. The flat design makes it easy for children to get on and off the bed, and there will be no competition. In soft clothing, the large area itself can be arranged with multiple colors, so that children can be placed in the world of fairy tales. If you are a brother and a brother, you can make a distinction in the color of the bedding. For example: boys use blue, girls use pink;

2, folding children’s room

Folding children’s room, the most prominent is the design of the foldable cot. In recent years, folding beds have been very popular and are simply tailored for the opening of the second child. At present, the small-sized houses in the market still account for the majority, and the folding bed has a great space to play in such a type. In terms of space saving and practicality, no one has lost the folding bed. The bed can usually be put away, and the children have a place to play and the whole family interacts. The material of the folding bed is recommended to use the best children’s furniture such as solid wood and metal.

3, double-decker children’s room

The two-layer design is the development and utilization of the upper space. Double-layered, suitable for families of different ages. Bunkers, brothers and sisters are more likely to cultivate feelings, and big ones can take care of small ones. For the sake of safety, parents are advised to climb ladders or stairs so that the child goes to the upper bunk more stable.

How Much Do You Know About Mixing Children's Rooms?

II.How to decorate two children’s rooms

The two children’s rooms must choose the bunk bed in the choice of bed, which can save space, and can prevent two children from falling out of bed when sleeping, but the bed is preferably wooden. Be environmentally friendly and durable. When decorating, the color of the wall should be rich in color, which gives people a sense of beauty, but it is also very harmonious. But also combine the preferences of the two children, otherwise the child may appear unwilling to go to the room to rest.

Brother and sister sharing children’s room decoration effect case
This mixed-use children’s room is very simple and comfortable. It is relatively safe on both sides of the wall. There is a large storage cabinet in the middle, which can accommodate two people’s daily necessities and snacks, which is convenient to take.

This children’s furniture is purchased and purchased. Separating the brother and sister double children’s room design can take a long time, the child can also be considered larger, if there is no room change planner, there are two baby can consider this design, the white space is like a child’s pure heart. It is suitable for children’s rooms with relatively large area, which solves the sleep problem of the two baby in the house. The drawer stairs have strong storage. Without too much decoration, I want to leave more room for children to play. It is also a design choice for children’s rooms with two children.

Children's Learning Table Related Knowledge

Children’s Learning Table Related Knowledge

Children’s learning table, is a table for children to learn, it is a unique children’s furniture, it is based on the best visual principles, ergonomics principles, environmental interference theory and other professional theory made, children’s learning table helps to protect the camel eye and efficient learning.

Children's Learning Table Related Knowledge

I.Functions of children’s learning tables

1, the height of the children’s study table can be freely adjusted, suitable for children of different ages to use.

2, the use of environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic.

3, children’s learning table can help children to ensure the best sitting position, can let the child no longer bow.

4, children’s learning table also set up a splint, greatly improve the children’s writing efficiency, as well as the aesthetics of writing.

II.Children’s learning table shopping tips

1, buy the best Children’s furniture, first look at the material of the table. Now the market is more common is the changzi pine learning table, its texture is straight, the material is soft. There are particle board material table, has a strong decorative, but can not be disassembled many times.
Density boards are also a good choice.This is a piece of older children furniture.

2, look at the safety of the table, now the market to learn the table style has a lot, such as foldable, adjust the high and low, and so on, the best choice of table foot is the arc design table, so the use of more safe.

3, to pay attention to the practical range of the table, to see if it can be adjusted, to choose the right table.

4, to pay attention to the function of the learning table, can correct the sitting position, bath room myopia.

Children's Learning Table Related Knowledge

III.Maintenance and cleaning of children’s learning tables

1, for wooden children’s learning table, before use, to tighten the connection fasteners, cleaning, to follow the texture with a soft cloth with a spray cleaner wipe.

2, children’s tables and chairs to avoid contact with sharp objects, to prevent scratches, in the stain, need to immediately wipe with a dry cloth.

3, children’s tables and chairs can not be directsunlight, can not withstand high temperature objects, if necessary, put a heat shield on it.
Children’s tables and chairs can be placed against the wall as far as possible to expand the children’s space for activities.

4, children’s tables and chairs to avoid heavy objects collision, to prevent damage, affecting the service life.

The above is to introduce the function of the children’s learning table, children’s learning table shopping skills and children’s learning table maintenance and cleaning. Hope is helpful when buying the best children’s furniture.

What Are The Tips For Selecting Children's Dining Chairs As Children's Furniture?

What Are The Tips For Selecting Children’s Dining Chairs As Children’s Furniture?

Home has a baby, buy the best children’s furniture is necessary, then children’s dining chair is essential, but now the children’s dining chair category is also a lot for everyone to choose, to say is what kind of children’s dining chair is good? And what are the children’s chair brands? What are the tips for selecting children’s dining chairs? I hope the following article will help you.

What Are The Tips For Selecting Children's Dining Chairs As Children's Furniture?

First, what kind of good children’s dining chair

1, wood, because solid wood material is one of the first choice of children’s dining chair, with natural environmental protection, long service life, strong stability characteristics, in the modern family has been widely used. Height should be suitable for the selection of children’s chairs. It is best to choose a children’s dining chair with a adjustable height.
Solid wood dining helps reduce concerns about your child’s health.

2, metal, children’s dining room chairs and adult dining room chairs style design is very different, children’s dining chair design takes into account safety, and add some protection. In order to improve the safety of children’s dining chair, the improvement of stability has irreplaceable effect. The metal children’s dining chairs can be adapted to the needs of the children’s dining chair.The collapsible design makes it easier to store children’s dining tables and make space more rational.

3, plastic, now on the market for children’s dining chairs have a variety of styles, as well as a variety of ingredients.
Plastic materials are widely used in the production of children’s dining chairs, plastic materials light weight, easy to carry, low prices, so such chairs are loved by parents and sought after.

What Are The Tips For Selecting Children's Dining Chairs As Children's Furniture?

Second, children’s dining chair selection skills

1, children’s dining chair selection skills design, preferably without paint in the case of solid wood. Usually you can smell your nose. There is no irritating smell. Rugged bottom design: Wide-footed baby seat dishes are not easy to drop and not easy to clean.What unique children’s furniture can be made by the dining chairs manufacturers.

2. Children’s dining chair selection skills safety, seat belts and seat belts should be made of durable fabric.
Don’t let the baby stand up when he is sitting in a dining chair or sliding down the table.

3, children’s dining chair selection skill seat height: according to the height of the baby can be freely adjusted height, by placing the removable plate at the most appropriate height for eating, you can easily move back and forth.

Third, children’s dining chair brand what

1, Trevor, the brand it is mainly used in sofas, tables and chairs, is now a baby wooden bed, baby chair and other wood products, is a professional children’s “health, wisdom and love” concept, “take care of children, I adhere to this concept.” Research and development, supply, manufacturing, distribution and retail.
This brand of furniture manufacturers for children’s furniture concept is very firm.

2, a good doll, the brand of baby supplies, children’s sports bicycles, toys and other series manufacturers. Company to science and technology-led, and constantly pursue innovation.All Good Doll products are patented, safety, hygiene and quality certified by state authorities. Which is the child dining chair good? And what are the children’s chair brands? What are the tips for selecting children’s dining chairs?

These are the main knowledge of the best children’s furniture introduced to you in the above articles and hope to be very helpful to the content of your article below.

Buy The Best Children's Furniture - What Should Wardrobes Pay Attention To?

Buy The Best Children’s Furniture – What Should Wardrobes Pay Attention To?

The children’s room is the child’s exclusive space, but also the child’s first step towards independence. The choice of unique children’s furniture is very important, because the child’s grade is small, the resistance of the outside world is not strong enough, so we choose children’s room furniture in addition to aesthetics, quality can not be ignored.
Here’s how to teach you how to buy the best children’s furniture.

Buy The Best Children's Furniture - What Should Wardrobes Pay Attention To?

I. Key points for the design of wardrobes in children’s rooms

1, size: Children’s wardrobe size is not particularly standard, and the size of the children’s room, the height of the child. 10-year-old children’s clothing is not much, 800mm double-line door wardrobe can meet the demand, but in view of the children grow fast, such as space allows, you can try to make the children’s wardrobe bigger, or the size of the door wardrobe to enlarge, so that convenient storage.General children’s wardrobe sizes are: 1200 x 555 x 2100mm, 800 x 555 x 1970mm, 1160 x 605 x 2000mm, 1430 x 600 x 2010mm.

2, damper anti-clamping:Widely used wardrobe, drawer door dampers, so that the door slowly rebound, let the child react to the danger, will not be too strong, negligent finger clip.

3, environmental protection: The brighter the color of the children’s wardrobe, the higher the harmful substances contained. Long-term companionship with furniture increases the risk of treatment. Therefore, the color locked in white and logs, lead content is too high orange, yellow, green, brown and other less used, should not contain formaldehyde or harmful pigment harmless UV (ultraviolet) paint, to minimize harm to children.

4, rounded anti-collision injury Don’t look down on the rounded design of the furniture, it is very useful for keeping the children safe.Because the children are so active, accidentally will hit the corner of the cabinet, easy to cause injury. Fillet design reduces collision damage.

5, aluminum edge glue border cutting A lot of furniture will be aluminum edge to do decoration, but more sharp, small children skin delicate, is likely to be scratched, now the design of aluminum edge gradually reduced, more with the rubber edge.
The metal that supports the frame, with the sharp corners inwards, reduces the possibility of touching the children.

Buy The Best Children's Furniture - What Should Wardrobes Pay Attention To?

II. How to buy a wardrobe in a children’s room

1, visual color

First of all, children’s wardrobe selection should be the overall and the whole children’s room visual space harmonious, this is the basic law of furniture selection in the design and decoration of the house, children’s room design decoration color mostly using bright and colorful color system, wardrobe color selection according to the wall decoration other furniture color different to choose,

In the pattern pattern more because of the diversity of wall decoration bedding patterns and choose some monochrome block wardrobe to do a little balance, so that the children’s room is not because of cartoon animation pattern or color rich and appear messy.

2, design security

Children’s lively and active also need to consider the choice of wardrobe, the market children’s wardrobe according to different grades in the design of different degree of intention, taking into account the safety of the usual activities, choose wardrobe with corner after treatment grinding round more safe, in the space also fully take into account the nature of children, to avoid possible unsafe factors.

3, functional practicality

Children’s wardrobe collection practicality not only to take into account the capacity but also to take into account the convenience of children’s self-inflicted charge, children’s rapid growth and development coupled with seasonal replacement of the pursuit of fashion, children’s clothing is a recognized fact,

The amount of storage on the consideration of the wardrobe partition design or according to the type of clothing or seasonal storage area different and reasonable design, taking into account the convenience of the wardrobe, according to the children raisedifferent different stages of growth, in the wardrobe drawer set door panel compartment settings, all to carefully consider the usual commonly used clothing drawer or cubicle in the most accessible area of human learning.

4, material safety

Relative adult children’s physical fitness will be more fragile than adults in all aspects, wardrobe stoushei non-irritating natural environmental protection materials should be the first choice, especially on the market many children’s rooms bright and rich but not enough in the quality of materials, choose children’s room wardrobe scoating and combination methods need to pay more attention to avoid toxic paint,The combination is preferable in a hardware or physical combination rather than an adhesive combination.

The above is a small sign want to introduce you how to buy the best children’s furniture, children’s wardrobe in the purchase should pay attention to what, I hope the above content for you to buy unique children’s furniture to help.

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How Should The Ceiling Be Designed As Children's Furniture?

How Should The Ceiling Be Designed As Children’s Furniture?

When renovating the children’s room, you need to buy unique children’s furniture to decorate the children’s room. What do you think about the decoration and design of children’s rooms? Do you know how to buy the best children’s furniture?If you choose to ceiling, then what kind of ceiling is suitable for children’s room, children’s room ceiling with what brand good, ceiling as children’s furniture should be how to design, let us see below together

I. What brand is good for children’s room ceiling


Yonsheng is affiliated with Guangdong Rongsheng Electric Co., Ltd., is the integration of the top ten brands, China’s well-known (well-known) babe brand, integrated ceiling industry well-known brands. Over the years, it has been committed to the pursuit of the pursuit of life of the people with a design-leading – functional – human – intelligent as one of the products, brand product sales for many years in a row the national leading.And this enterprise also has advanced product manufacturing technology and perfect brand service system.

How Should The Ceiling Be Designed As Children's Furniture?

2.AIA Mso

AIA is affiliated with Zhejiang AIA Integrated Ceiling Co., Ltd., is a ceiling-integrated ceiling ten brands, is also a listed company, is also China’s integrated ceiling industry founder, integrated ceiling industry association president, integrated ceiling national industry standard editor-in-chief unit, China Ceiling Ceiling Materials Branch President, Zhejiang Province patent demonstration enterprise.

3.Top Kind

Today, the top belongs to Jiaxing City, the top of the electric technology Co., Ltd., is the ceiling – integrated ceiling ten brands, integrated ceiling industry national standard drafting member units, kitchen and bathroom ceiling most competitive brand, quality reputation AAA brand, China’s top 100 kitchen and bathroom enterprises, Zhejiang Province outstanding enterprises, kitchen and bathroom supplies overall quality suppliers.

4.Character Pogor

Character belongs to the character of kitchen (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., is well-known integrated ceiling brand, China’s outstanding green products, China’s quality assured brand, professional kitchen electrical manufacturers.


Op is part of Hangzhou Op Electric Co., Ltd., is the top ten brands, well-known (well-known) integrated ceiling brand, national protection trademark, China’s top 500 brands, Zhejiang Province famous trademarks.It is also the head of the national standard development unit of the integrated ceiling, one of the most growing home appliance brands in China, and is a listed enterprise mainly to produce sanitary electrification products.

How Should The Ceiling Be Designed As Children's Furniture?

6.Chili QILI

Qili belongs to Jiaxing Qili Electric Co., Ltd., is the ceiling-integrated ceiling ten brands, but also the consumer market recognized brands, national mandatory certification products, industry-renowned brands, private technology enterprises and so on.
It has advanced testing equipment and efficient production management system of professional large ceiling.

II Children’s room ceiling design

Ceiling shape has a flat, bump, suspension, well and glass and other options. And play is the child’s nature, so the design of the children’s room in addition to the basic rest function, as far as possible to provide children with a play space. Therefore, the children’s room ceiling design, the shape strive to be simple, and then through the soft lighting to create a warm, sleep-friendly atmosphere. There is also to choose the environmental protection of ceiling materials, speaking of natural materials, some people may recommend wood. However, in the children’s room ceiling design, or is not recommended to choose the keel.

Keal because of the ease of construction, all people think that the wood keel is relatively easy to shape, but easy to leave safety hazards, fire prevention also need to be painted with fire paint to assist.

The above is to introduce to you as a unique children’s furniture ceiling should be how to decorate, I hope the above content for you to buy the best children’s furniture in the future to help.

Children's Desk As Unique Children's Furniture Brand And Size Introduction

Children’s Desk As Unique Children’s Furniture Brand And Size Introduction

The demand of children’s furniture is bigger and bigger, people likes to buy unique children’s furniture, unique children’s furniture can decorate children room very well, let the child have a beautiful childhood memory.

Every parent wants to choose a best children’s furniture for his child, dimension size is appropriate desk, and the body of children is growing all the time development, dimensions of children desk is diversiform.
The sort of unique children’s furniture is very much, so do you know the relevant knowledge of desk in children’s furniture? Line face small make up to want everybody to introduce the brand of children desk to have what, and what does the dimension size of children shoe stage have? Hope you can help you when you buy children’s furniture again.

Children's Desk As Unique Children's Furniture Brand And Size Introduction

I. Children desk which brand is good

1.Hanfel crescent

Han feer crescent desk for children USES birch, pine, high-density medium fiber board and high-density melamine ammonium 4 kinds of material to make and become, the join body design of unique bookshelf and desk, already practical and convenient, make full use of children room space. The desk color of ivory white gives room of whole children a kind of elegant, quietly elegant feeling. Smooth lines and rounded edges and corners design, beautiful shape, firm and durable, parents can rest assured that the purchase to their babies, do not worry about safety.

2.Qingqing paradise

The color is modern and simple white paint dye, material selection of medium density d board, and high polyester low paint and finish. Modelling is easy and pure, give priority to with concise, pure and fresh, natural, clean on the design, distract attention not easily in the process that children learns, emphasize functional sex to design, wait for creativeness with curved surface, wave, flow, penetrate, make desk has aesthetic feeling more.

3.Qingqing baby

The color of children desk alternates with blue and white photograph, use high density 3 get together chloramine board and environmental protection paint to be raw material, build healthy, comfortable study atmosphere for the child. No matter be from modelling or colour and lustre go up, integral feeling is simple comfortable, it is fundamental key with straight line, without too much complex design, the harmony that pursues integral scale.

Children's Desk As Unique Children's Furniture Brand And Size Introduction

II.Children’s writing desk normal size

In general, children’s desk standard is length is between 1100-1200 – mm, width is about 550-600 – mm, height is 760 mm, the chair of a high standard for 400-440 – mm, the overall height less than 800 mm, so basically can meet the needs of 8 ~ 14 years old school-age children, of course this size for pre-school children or compare tall children is not applicable. Like this unique children’s furniture is for older children, it serves older children furniture.

How much height of children desk is appropriate.The standard height for 6-year-old children is 110-2875px, and the appropriate height of the desk is 1150px. The standard height for children aged 10 is 130.5-3537.5px, and the appropriate height of the desk is 1325px. The standard height for children aged 12 is 146.5-3787.5px, and the appropriate height of the desk is 1375px. The standard height for a 14-year-old is 157.5-4062.5px, and a suitable desk height is 1575px.

The above is small make up to introduce children’s desk, I hope you can use in the purchase of unique children’s furniture, want to pay attention to more children’s furniture, please continue to pay attention to my other articles.

How Much Do You Know As a A Walk-walker As A Unique Children's Furniture?

How Much Do You Know As a A Walk-walker As A Unique Children’s Furniture?

Buying unique children’s furniture is a necessary skill for every mother, the level of material improvement, the best demand for children’s furniture more and more popular, then, what is the best children’s furniture?

Walking car is the parents in order to learn to walk the baby’s children’s furniture, as soon as possible to learn to take the first step in life and buy the parenting products.

Many parents will use the walker to help their baby in order to make their baby better. When your baby is three to four months old, he usually likes to hold up his upper body with your elbows. When the baby is eight to nine months old, he will already use the upper limbs to drive the lower limbs crawl, a year old or so can crawl with the knee.

How Much Do You Know As a A Walk-walker As A Unique Children's Furniture?

Standing and walking often starts at nine months old, so when your baby is nine months old, you can take a walk-through bus. But parents should never force and train their baby to stand, which can cause unforeseen harm to the growth of the baby’s spine, pelvis and limbs. Also wait until the baby is about nine months old, parents can train him to ride in a walker. But don’t let your baby sit in the car in the same position for long.

Make sure your baby doesn’t sit in the car for more than 30min at a time, as this will affect the growth of skeletal muscles. There is no need to buy a walker, the current parents’ views are different, each has its own ideas. Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a pacing car, and then see if there is a need to buy a walker.The walker is used as baby furniture,it is as a unique children’s furniture, purchased should be subject to availability.

  The advantages and disadvantages of the walker

  1, the advantages of the walker

Walking car can help your baby learn to walk better, avoid the disadvantages of easy wrestling when your baby is learning to walk, is a more convenient walking tool for babies.And the walker can let the baby overcome the fear in the heart, so that the baby can boldly take steps, the heart will have more security, easy for the baby to walk successfully.

  2, walk-in defects

The baby in the nine-month stage, this time is the critical period of bone development, at this time the baby bone contains more glue, calcium is less, the bone is also in a relatively soft time.If the baby’s premature use of the walker, will hinder the development of the baby’s bones, the baby’s bones are not very good exercise, easy to cause the bending of the baby’s bones, not conducive to the growth and development of the baby’s leg type.

Summary: Comprehensive of the above points, the walker for the baby to learn to walk is very helpful, but there is no need to buy a walker.

How Much Do You Know As a A Walk-walker As A Unique Children's Furniture?

According to the baby’s growth, and then make the choice.
  1, affect the baby’s intellectual development

The baby is through contact, grasping, knocking, throwing and other learning to recognize objects, free exploration helps the child’s intelligent development, the walker restricts the child’s free activities and deprives the child of the opportunity to learn, thus affecting the child’s intellectual development.

2, to the baby bone deformity

Infants who use the walker for a long time will develop abnormally. The inside of the two knees protrudes, the two calves are withdrawn, and the ankles can’t be closed when the two knees are close, looking like an “X”.Some of the two calves bent outwards, two ankles closed when the position, knee joint can not be close and presented as “O”-shaped, that is, the so-called “ring leg.”

 3, the baby walking dependence

Long-term use of the walker easy to make the baby dependent, and in the four-sided pacied within the walk, the baby because the waist, crotch are protected without force and missed the crawl period before the age of 1 year, resulting in the emergence of “no waste” function weakened.

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Children’s furniture – What Are The Types Of Baby Sleeping Bags?

Children are the hope of the whole family, children’s furniture purchase heat more and more like, in order to give children a healthy growth environment, the selection of children’s furniture is important, many parents will choose the best children’s furniture for children. What are the types of baby sleeping bags? It is believed that many moms know that babies sleep very unnerdy, kicking quilts is very common.

So with baby sleeping bags on the market, baby helps alleviate many of Bao Mom’s problems.

Children's furniture  - What Are The Types Of Baby Sleeping Bags?

1. Gourd type: the upper narrow down width, shaped like a gourd.
Can prevent the baby slip out of the sleeping bag or drill into the sleeping bag, the bottom round large, so that the baby’s legs can move freely, increase the baby’s comfort. Shaped like a gourd, the top narrow down width, generally for the bottom of the design.

Baby sleeping bag as baby furniture, can be seen as an envelope-style sleeping bag improvement, neck narrowing, can prevent the baby slip out of the sleeping bag or drill into the sleeping bag, the bottom round, so that the baby’s legs can move freely, increasing the baby’s shortcomings: due to the size of the change, the sleeping bag can not be opened as a quilt to use, reducing the efficiency of the use of the product.

2. Clothes style: shaped like clothes, with sleeves and hats, etc. Your baby is free to move when he or she sleeps and is not bound.

Now most clothes-style sleeping bags can adjust the length with the baby’s height, increasing the life of the sleeping bag. Shaped like clothes, with sleeves, hats, etc. The advantage of this sleeping bag is that it is like clothes for your baby to wear, do not worry about the baby’s sleep activities will affect the use of, prevent the baby from sleeping. Most of the current style with an extended bag, can adjust the length of the sleeping bag with the baby’s height, extending the use of the product. Disadvantages: The product is more expensive than other styles due to the relative complexity of the workmanship. Up and down the size of the general difference is not much, for the baby’s foot activities or are bound.And, due to the product accessories more, multiple zippers, buttons, etc. , need to prevent rubtothe to the child’s delicate skin or the child pulled down to eat.

Children's furniture  - What Are The Types Of Baby Sleeping Bags?

3. Vest type: like a vest. This style of sleeping bags are generally suitable for summer season, comfortable and cool.
The good thing is to kick! like a vest. Can be seen as a reduced version of the clothes-like sleeping bag, remove sleeves, hats, extended bags and other things.Generally suitable for summer and other seasons.

4. Envelope type: rectangular as envelope-like, equivalent to a small quilt fold, bottom, side zipper. Most of the design can be opened into a quilt dual-use type, can be used as a small, can also be folded after pulling zipper into a sleeping bag. The advantageof of this style is simple structure, generally using a double-headed zipper, the bottom can be opened, easy to replace diapers and so on. And because of the quilt sleeping bag dual-use type, enhance the practical function of the product. Disadvantages: Because the sleeping bag up and down the same size, resulting in the lower size is small, binding the baby’s legs activities, affecting the baby’s sleep, the baby also does not like to use. If the size is increased, the size of the top will be large, the baby easy to drill the whole person into the sleeping bag or slip out of the sleeping bag.Therefore, many of these styles come with a shoulder protection design, but only to prevent the baby from slipping out of the sleeping bag.

The above is the small editor to provide you with the kind of baby sleeping bag answer, I hope my answer to you to help!

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Children's Furniture - How To Choose A Three-Story Children's Bed

Children’s Furniture – How To Choose A Three-Story Children’s Bed

Now in our home, everyone is like very lively. Especially when children are more, need to buy children’s furniture, many families will choose three-story beds, so that we have more people, but also can have a better place.

In the choice, we are also very concerned.How to choose a three-story children’s bed? The following decoration of the house of the small editor on the article to introduce to everyone.

Children's Furniture - How To Choose A Three-Story Children's Bed

I. How to choose a three-story children’s bed

1. Safety principle shopping method: three-story children’s bed as children’s furniture, safety always to put first. Pick children’s furniture is time, many parents will choose the best children’s furniture, bed, avoid only the beautiful choice of more complex pattern bed, because the outstanding carving is likely to scratch the baby, hollow pattern also let naughty baby finger card chance increased a lot.Also to try to avoid the appearance of angle, the corner of the children’s bed must be arc edge, you can touch with your hand, choose the corner smooth to ensure the safety of the baby.

2. Health principles to buy methods: when it comes to children’s bed materials, nothing but wood, artificial plate, plastic, aluminum alloy and other common materials, but not all materials are healthy, of which natural lying wood is the best. Parents before buying, to ask clear bed materials, but also pay attention to paint, solid wood surface to paint water-based paint for the best.Paint can be distinguished by nasal smell, if the furniture with a strong irritating smell, indicating that the formaldehyde content is seriously exceeded, such furniture firmly can not move home.

3. Strong principle of the purchase method: children are always very lively, like to play in bed, so choose the bed of older children’s furniture, the firmness of the bed is an important aspect.Before you buy to determine whether the screws in the children’s bed are strong, but also pay attention to some small details, not only greedy for the beauty of the bed, but ignore the firmness.

4. The appropriate principle of the purchase method: the principle of appropriate there are two main aspects, one is the appropriate size, but the baby will consult.Children from the age of three years old have their own preferences and aesthetics, boys and girls also have different choices, so the color and style of children’s beds or to listen to the children’s views, children like the style is the most suitable.

Children's Furniture - How To Choose A Three-Story Children's Bed

5. Flat bed board: in the bed on the board need to find those flat bed plate, children’s bed surface needs hard, do not choose a soft bed to let the child sleep. This is detrimental to the growth of a child’s bones.The surface should be smooth: when choosing the bed, also pay attention to touch the surface of the bed is smooth and flat, otherwise, the edge of the bed will also let the child’s delicate skin hurt.

The above content is a small editor to introduce to everyone the three-tier bed and choice, so that after understanding, but also can choose the appropriate.

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